Another Lap Around the Sun

This past weekend was a busy one, full of family, friends, Memorial Day, and my birthday! I have tons of pictures to share!

Friday morning, I picked Kristen up from the airport and we hit the road to Hays!

 First stop in Hays was to get a snowball, of course.

 We went for a quick run Friday afternoon, and in non-traditional Hays weather, it was drizzling and chilly. Where’s summer? Before it started drizzling heavily, I was able to get a couple action running pictures. Kristen didn’t have a run on her schedule, so she biked while Mom and Shay and I ran.

Kristen finally got Grandpa’s jacket this weekend. If you ever saw Grandpa, he was either in his FHSU jacket it his Pepsi jacket. I’m really glad she is able to wear it for him.

Friday night Dad grilled some delicious steaks and we watched the Royals beat the Cardinals.  Saturday morning, we went for another run, and it rained the whole time! What’s with this weather, Hays!?

After our run, we had delicious a Gutierrez lunch with Leann and Ava, then saw Pitch Perfect 2 again!

Mom and Dad’s backyard is pretty much like a jungle, thanks to the wet spring. It was really pretty! Everything was green. The drive from KC to Hays was probably the prettiest drive I’ve ever had.

Saturday night, Kristen and I went to Grandma and Granddads and ate and visited, which was really nice. Grandma made her famous macaroni and cheese and corn casserole. I’m pretty sure Kristen and I had thirds.

Sunday morning, Mom and Shay and I ran while Kristen ran to Munjor, which is about 10 miles south east of Hays. We then met her at the cemetery in Munjor and visited Grandma and Grandpa’s graves.  Later on Sunday, Mom and Dad cooked for a BBQ hot dog bar, and family and friends came over for hot dogs, s’mores and cake for my birthday.

The kitties, my Jasper and Mom and Dad’s Lucy and Gordon, finally became friends Sunday night. And by friends, I mean they ate some treats without hissing and growling at each other. No blood was shed the whole weekend though, so I call that a success.

Monday morning (my birthday!) we went for a short little run before having to leave to get Kristen back to KC in time for her afternoon flight.

I got to see Maja for a few minutes on the way out of town. I love and miss my Maja. Then mom sent a pic right after we left, of Lucy and Gordon. I think they missed Jasper and wanted him to come back and play.

Monday night I went to dinner with Amy and Emily for my birthday. We went to Ted’s Cafe, which was just as delicious as I remember!

I loved being home with family for the weekend. The 3 and a half days went way too quickly. I am super excited for Mom and Dad to come down to KC in a few weeks, and also super excited to take Amy to Hays for the 4th of July holiday weekend.

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