Revised 2015 Goals

In mid-December, I wrote a post about my running and fitness goals for 2015.  That was 5 months ago that I wrote those goals down.  It’s time to revise a few of those goals, for many reasons.  In the time since I wrote my goals down, I have lost my grandfather to cancer, separated from James, moved into an apartment by myself, I have been sick with bronchitis twice, undergone allergy testing and began immunotherapy, and come down with piriformis syndrome, which is aggravating my sciatic nerve.

I do not like making excuses at all, but it truly has been a difficult first half of 2015, and though I am not giving up on any of my goals, I am wise enough to know I must revise them so I do not fail them completely.

1.  Run 1100+ miles.  Run 950+ miles.  In 2014 I ran 845 miles.  My initial goal for 2015 was to run 1100+ miles, which is an average of 92 miles per month.  I’ve had a few really low mileage months this year so far, and to reach 1100 miles for 2015, I would now have to run 105 miles per month.  At this point of the year, I do not believe an average of 105 per month is possible.  Will I reach 105 in a month? I sure hope so, but will I AVERAGE 105 per month? I really don’t think this is achievable for me currently.

By bringing my goal down to 950 miles, I will have to average about 83 miles per month for June through December.  This is a much more manageable goal for me, but will still be a challenge.  In case you’re interested, my milage for 2015 so far is January: 90 miles.  February: 55 miles.  March: 93 miles.  April: 50 miles.  So far in May: 44 miles.

2.  Run a half marathon with no walking. with extremely minimal to no walking (perhaps during water stops only). This is still a huge goal for me.  My two half marathons this year so far have been disappointing to me, as far as my endurance is concerned.  As I wrote in my Scout Strong Race Recap, I am going to work very hard this summer on building my endurance, both mentally and physically.  I only have 1 half marathon on my schedule for the rest of 2015, but am thinking of adding another fall half marathon to work on this goal.

My pace per mile has been improving over the last 9 months of running with the KCRC Groupies, and while I’m really happy how my pace is improving, I am not building my mileage.  The last 2 half marathons I’ve run have been my slowest 2 times of the 4 half marathons I’ve done.  Why is that, when my pace has been improving? Isn’t the goal to get faster? I think what is happening is that I am running faster, but taking more frequent walk breaks because fatigue sets in.  How do I fix that? I will run slower on my long runs, and actively make myself keep the pace slower and to increase my mileage, slowly.

I will begin doing a very beginner-focused strength training regimen; my sister is graciously making a plan for me.  I will start with weights and plyometrics at home, getting into the habit of doing these new exercises, and then hopefully begin using the weight machines at my apartment’s gym.  I know strength training will make not only my muscles stronger, but also my mind.  I will also try to incorporate more cross-training, such as biking and swimming.  I cleaned up my bike yesterday, so that I can begin using it on the trails near my apartment.  Biking will help my legs and lungs become stronger, and will hopefully not put a lot of impact on my sore piriformis muscle and sciatic pain, while it heals with the chiropractor’s help.

3.  5k PR of under 30 minutes and a 10k PR of under 62 minutes.  Both of these are still huge goals for me.  I believe each of these will be within reach for me this year.  I PR’d my 4 mile distance with the Trolley Run, and when I glanced at my watch around mile 3, I was at about 28-29 minutes, so I know I am capable of a 5k PR.  For the 10k, I have committed to running the Heartland 30k series this fall, with 3 10k’s in 4 weeks.  I believe with a strong summer of training and building endurance, I can achieve these 5k and 10k goals.

4.  Do a handstand.  Do a headstand.  Still a goal to do a handstand, but I should have started with a headstand!! I’ve been attending yoga once a week, and will continue to do so. I will also practice at home as the year progresses, and I know that strength training will do nothing but help this goal.

5.  Enjoy the run.  I wanted to continue to love the run, and I feel that with lowering my mileage expectations and adding in some more cross training, I will be sure to keep my love of the run.  The very last thing I would ever want to do is to not want to run, to fall out of love with the sport.  By adding in other things, and not focusing so much on adding up mileage or increasing speed, I feel that I will continue to make running a part of my life for the rest of my life.

Photo May 17, 7 05 31 PM

Earlier today, I read the following, from a huge inspirational figure I follow in Instagram, Kino MacGreggor’s page:

“The longer you practice or do something, the easier it becomes to be set in your ways.  Keep your mind and heart open with the humble knowledge that no matter how smart or experienced you are, you don’t have all the answers, nor should you… What do you know that you can unlearn and rediscover anew, with the fresh eyes of the present moment?”

21 thoughts on “Revised 2015 Goals

  1. I’m much too qualitative of a person (I am a writer, after all) to make such specific and measurable goals for myself. I mostly just wing it. About the only goal I have is to run 1,000 miles this year, with the 1,000th mile happening sometime within the KC Marathon in October. (I did that last year at the Portland Marathon and the year before at the KC Half.) I’m on target to reach that goal, but beyond that, I just run when I can, as far as I can. Still, I understand and respect that different people need different structures.

    I wish I could tell you how to achieve the endurance you seek. I’ve run 8 half marathons, and only three of them have I managed to run without stopping or walking at all. I don’t know why those three worked for me and the rest (even the most recent) didn’t. I’m pretty sure it is mostly mental, but why did I find the mental fortitude those three times and not the others?

    I’ve found that I am a solo runner. I tried running with a group, but that never felt right. I don’t even feel good with a wingman (though on two runs they got me through to the finish that I’m not sure I could have done on my own). When I run solo, there are no witnesses to my stopping or walking. How can I run 13.1 continuous miles and then not run one continuous mile? It’s frustrating and puzzling. But I’d still rather be on the trail on my own that with someone else. I think I’ve always been a loner inside.

    So, sorry for this rambling, navel-gazing comment.

    • How can I run 13.1 continuous miles and then not run one continuous mile? That is the question. I have days where I run 4 or 5 miles, but feel as if I could run 20. Then I have days when I run 2 miles and want to quit every step of the way. I know a lot of my issues are mental… and I don’t know how to break through, but I am going to put my mind and body to it this summer to hopefully find a way. I also hope that the weight training and cross training will help me lose some weight. It’s something I’ve been struggling with my whole life, and I know running helps me with this, tremendously, but I am only maintaining, not losing. My diet is a huge mental struggle, I am an emotional eater. I feel like laying it out there makes me more accountable, and I also can look back at posts and see what my thoughts were at a specific time.

      If you ever find the secret, please share. 😉 You are an inspiration to me.

  2. You’ve been through crap this year to say the least. You are killing it. Keep your head up, positive vibes!

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