Scout Strong Challenge Race Recap

The Scout Strong Challenge Half Marathon is over, and boy, am I glad!

My running buddy Amy and I decided to sign up for this race kind of on a whim a few weeks ago.  We wanted another half marathon under our belts before the Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon in 3 weeks.  We also had a groupon, so, why not sign up!

The Scout Strong Challenge is a race in it’s 3rd year, so it’s pretty young, and it was pretty evident in packet pick up and how the race was run overall.  I was quite frustrated trying to FIND the packet pickup, with no signs or directions posted until after I basically found the place.  Also, the race touted Tech T-Shirts, and instead, I got a poly-blend shirt.  I know I had a groupon and it was a relatively cheap race, but it’s irritating to be told you will receive a tech shirt and not receive one.

Photo May 15, 7 59 30 PM

Race morning before the race start was pretty uneventful.  Since we knew where to go (thanks to figuring it out trying to get our packets) and there was very little traffic, we got to Kansas Speedway with 45 minutes to spare before the start of the race.

We took a few pictures, used the restroom, and lined up in the pit  on the Speedway to start.  For some reason, the race was delayed 10 minutes (no explanation).  Then, we were off!

Photo May 16, 6 49 12 AM

Photo May 16, 7 14 17 AM

Photo May 16, 7 21 51 AM

The race itself… not a good race.  In fact, my worse race, in terms of time.  I will give you my list of excuses (it was VERY humid, VERY windy, VERY hilly with long slow hills, VERY stiff and then sore butt and hamstring and hip), though I have no real excuse for my poor race except that I am not yet equipped to run half marathons successfully. I have increased my speed, through KCRC Groupies runs, but I MUST work on my endurance, both physical and mental.

Photo May 16, 10 34 10 AM

I finished the race 2 minutes slower than my Rock the Parkway time, and 12 minutes slower than my PR.  I am doing something wrong here! I am supposed to be getting faster, not slower!  I attribute the slower times to running a quicker pace, but taking more walk breaks.  Therefore, I am spending the summer, after Hospital Hill Run in 2 weeks, on building endurance and actually slowing down to be able to build the endurance.  And also for my endurance both physical and mental, I will add a weight training regimen (slowly at first, and hopefully building) and add more cross training, such as biking, swimming, and more yoga.  I’ll be writing a post, elaborating on the endurance building, tomorrow.

Photo May 16, 10 43 53 AM

Most unfortunately, I got sick on the highway, on the way to brunch after the race.  I have never gotten ill after running a race before, and I think I drank too much water too quickly after the race, and my tummy was not happy with that.  I felt much better after we got to the restaurant and had a bite to eat.  Another special thanks to Amy for not only supporting me through the race, but also dealing with my craziness after (and sorry to the people on I-435 South).

A wise woman once told me, there are no bad runs as long as you learn something from it.  Well, Mom, I learned a lot on this run, therefore it was not a bad run, though I do wish it would have had a quicker time on the clock at the end.

11 thoughts on “Scout Strong Challenge Race Recap

  1. Hey, you ran it on a whim! Another half in the books is definitely not bad either!! Running is very much so a learning experience and everyone is different. Great job 🙂

  2. Don’t throw down too much blame. The humidity yesterday was really tough. I know people who did the KC Corporate Challenge half then and suffered because of the humidity as well. Even my training run was punctuated with too many breaks.

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  4. Sweet friend!!! Bless the ill feeling post race ! You inspire me – never giving up and always working to be better . Love ya !!

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