Thursday Thoughts: May 14

In looking through my pictures for the last week, I don’t really have much to share with you this week!

I binge watched The Fall on Netflix last weekend and into this week; I loved it! It is a psychological crime thriller show, set in Ireland.  I definitely recommend it for a weekend binge.  I read there will be a 3rd season coming sometime.  It can’t come soon enough!the-fall-484x253Jasper had some fun (or I had some fun watching Jasper) playing “Cat Fishing” on my iPad. (This is the first time I’m uploading a video, so I hope it works!)

Jasper’s cat grass has also been growing so much! He has been licking and nibbling on it every day.  He begs to go outside as soon as I get home from work, to watch the squirrels and birds, and eat his cat grass.Photo May 09, 9 46 34 AM Running has been tough lately, mainly due to the pain in my butt and hamstring.  I have had 2 treatments of ART, Graston, and chiropractic adjustments with Schabel Performance Health and I can tell they are helping, but I just wish the treatments would help faster!  I have another treatment this evening.  I feel like even the easiest of runs are a struggle lately.  I know I’m on the right track to recovering.

This weekend, I will run the Scout Strong Half Marathon, with Amy.  I just hope I can finish!  I also hope it stays dry… the forecast is calling for rain!Photo May 13, 8 42 03 PM

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