Thursday Thoughts: May 7

Last Thursday evening, I saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I LOVE the Avengers, and for as much as I don’t understand of the universe, it truly is a great universe, and I love ‘dem superheros! I was able to attend a double feature (James came back to town and we went together), and watched the first and second Avengers.  You can read James’ review of the second Avengers movie here.  And if you haven’t seen it yet, you should probably go, like, right now.Photo Apr 30, 6 20 13 PMThe cat grass that Mom planted for Jasper has really taken off! He’s enjoyed sniffing, gnawing, and eating it over the past few days.  It’ll likely need a trim soon.  He has another pot outside, which has been getting lots of spring rain lately.  It’s getting really long as well.  I just hope he doesn’t decide to dig around in it!Photo May 04, 7 16 14 PMI had to throw this picture in for you.  I love face timing with my parents, and my puppy.Photo May 05, 7 41 24 PMSo, running has been really hard lately.  Mentally and physically, it has been a chore.  I think the weather has a lot to do with it, spring has kind of crept up and it’s gotten pretty warm and humid, pretty quickly.  Now, it’s not nearly as hot as it will get this summer, but my body isn’t used to the temperatures or the high humidity yet.  Couple that with some nagging pain in my left glute and hamstring, and I’ve not had many good feeling runs lately.  In fact, the last good run I had was the Trolley Run, and I was in pain during that race too.

The pain in my glute and hamstring has  not subsided, and has actually gotten bad enough that I met with Dr. Larisa Schabel yesterday, at Schabel Performance Health and Wellness for an exam, and to hopefully get to the bottom of this pain in my butt, literally.

Some really tight hips and an inflamed and tight piriformis muscle is putting pressure on my sciatic nerve, causing the pain when I walk and run. My hips were also out of alignment, and I had some inflamed muscles in my lower back, pulling on my pelvis.

Dr. Schaebel performed some ART (Active Release Technique) on my butt and legs, adjusted my hips and back, and did some Graston (scraping) on my lower back. I’m not good as new, but hopefully after a few more treatments, I will be good to go!

Photo May 05, 6 30 02 PM

“U GOT THIS” on the sidewalk!

Last night, I went to the Royals game with Amy and her son. It was a perfect night for a baseball game, but unfortunately the Boys in Blue lost to the Indians. I did get to see Hosmer hit a homer!  My tweet also made it onto the #RoyalsSocial board! Thanks for inviting me Amy!   Happy Mother’s Day to my momma and all the moms out there!

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