Thursday Thoughts: April 30

A busy week this week!  I’ll give a short recap of my week, since I’ve already written about last weekend’s fun. 

Last weekend was Trolley Run weekend; my mom came and we had a great weekend. You c an read my race recap here, and read about my awesome weekend with Mom here   Mom found this adorable Huskers shirt for her kitty Gordon, and when she got back to Hays she sent this pic. So cute. I’m sure Gordon is thrilled to be wearing it! Of course, her other kitty Lucy had to try it on too!    Jasper is all about his new pot of cat grass. Mom planted the seeds, and every night Jasper has gotten into the pot to inspect. I can’t wait until the grass grows enough for him to nibble on it!!   When mom was here last weekend we went to a really neat meditation and crystal shop on 39th St. and I bought a singing bowl. I’ve admired moms for a while, and decided this is the right time to get one for myself. We also found this Buddha at Pier One. I love him so much!   Today is the last day of April, which means the April Fitness Challenge is ending. I did some extra push ups and squats last night to finish the challenge. So as of this morning I have completed 1000 push ups, 2000 squats, and 3000 sit ups in April! I’d love for you to share how you did in the comments below.  I will miss the Groupie run tonight because I’m going to the Avengers premiere, but I’m definitely looking forward to running more in May! I received my first allergy injection yesterday, and it was pretty uneventful. I’m super ready for my body to begin building up immunity to these allergens so I can feel better!

Happy May, tomorrow! 

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