Thursday Thoughts: April 9

I hope the short Thursday Thoughts end soon! I’ve had a REALLY busy week, I moved to a different apartment over the weekend and into Monday.  I’ll write a post about my move soon.

I ran into this goose sitting in a  parking lot last Friday.  I got really close to him, and he just sat there looking at me, sitting in his little puddle.

Photo Apr 03, 10 33 39 PM

Saturday, I went to my first Pop Up Yoga class! Read about it my fun experience here!

Photo Apr 04, 1 18 12 PM

On Easter Sunday, there was no Groupie run, but I got together with Amy and Emily and we ran a few miles ourselves.  It was a bit windy, but a fun little run.

Photo Apr 05, 9 29 23 AM  Quick update for the April Fitness Challenge, I have missed a few days due to my move, but as of last night, I’m at 260/1000 push ups, 500/2000 squats, and 530/3000 sit ups. The month is almost a third over, how are you doing on your challenge?

Saturday is the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon.  My parents are coming down tomorrow evening, and I’ll run to the expo after work tomorrow to get my packet.  Good luck to my sister, running her second Ragnar Relay this weekend!  If you’re running Rock the Parkway or any other race this weekend, good luck and have fun!!

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