Pop Up Yoga

I recently attended my first Pop Up Yoga class.  Pop Up Yoga is a free (donations accepted) outdoor yoga class held once every weekend (during nice weather) at different locations around Kansas City.  I went last Saturday, which was the third Pop Up Yoga class held, and over 150 of my new yoga friends and I practiced yoga on the Nelson Atkins Museum lawn!

Photo Apr 04, 9 38 38 PM

Photo courtesy of Pop-Up Yoga Facebook page.

Lauren, the Instructor, led a fun and gentle flow for about an hour, and then we had about 10 minutes of meditation at the end of the class.  There were lots of families and couples sitting around on the lawn, and many people visiting the museum stopped and watched or joined in.  It was a really fun and unique experience; I had never practiced yoga outside before!

Photo Apr 04, 1 11 10 PM

Photo Apr 04, 1 16 52 PM

I love the idea of Pop Up Yoga, as it states on the website, the Pop Up classes will help build awareness about the positive effects of yoga, bring diverse groups together and build a stronger community.  The goal is to raise KC’s vibration and keep building our community in order to make KC a more peaceful, happy, and joyful place to call home!

Photo Apr 04, 1 10 05 PM

After class, I went for a short run, then walked around the museum and looked at some of the outdoor sculptures.  I had not previously been to the museum.  I’ve run past it a few times in races that were on/near the Plaza, but had not really spent any time looking around.  It was a gorgeous day, after getting a taste, I can’t wait to go back and actually visit the museum.

Photo Apr 04, 3 52 01 PM

Photo Apr 04, 2 59 36 PM

Photo Apr 04, 3 06 51 PM

Photo Apr 04, 3 40 15 PM

The meditation at the end of yoga was about looking into one’s self to find what you are seeking.  My Wednesday night yoga class touches on this quite a bit as well, and it is something I will continue to strive for.

I definitely will attend more Pop Up Yoga sessions.  If you’re in the KC area and are interested, be sure to join the Facebook group to know times/dates/locations of the Pop Ups.  If you want to go some weekend, definitely let me know, I’d love to meet you for yoga, and maybe even a short run before or after class!

Photo Apr 04, 5 59 09 PM (1)

Photo Apr 04, 6 03 34 PM


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