Thursday Thoughts: April 2

Once again I’m posting a very short Thursday Thoughts.  Time has been flying by, and I’ve been very busy with non-bloggy stuff.  Last Friday was my baby’s 6th birthday, Happy Birthday Jasper!  The top left picture is from the day James and I adopted him, he was so tiny!!

Photo Mar 27, 8 49 44 AM

Last Sunday, I ate the best burger I’ve had in KC.  I had a long run that morning, and made it through 9.5 miles, and then devoured the hamburger and mac and cheese from BRGR in Prarie Village.  Best burger I’ve had in KC.  Share in the comments, you KC people, where the best burger in KC is… I’ve been craving some good burgers since last summer, and this one I had at BRGR takes the cake so far!

Photo Mar 29, 4 40 54 PM

Monday was the end of March, read about my running stats here.  Yesterday, I posted a challenge for April, to complete 1000 push ups, 2000 squats, and 3000 sit ups between April 1 and April 30.  It was NOT an April Fool’s joke, it’s for real! Read my post here, and join me! I’ll post my progress on twitter daily, and once a week, here on Thursday Thoughts, I’ll track my progress.  So far, on day 2, I’ve completed 90 push ups, 120 squats, and 150 sit ups.  I’ll likely do a few more squats tonight, and try to get at least 50 more sit ups in.

Photo Apr 01, 8 16 57 AM

I’ll leave you with this:

Photo Apr 02, 5 29 03 PM

Happy Easter!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: April 2

  1. It’s really, really hard to beat BRGR. We also like Burg & Barrel, hidden at 75th and Metcalf behind that CVS and Sheridan’s. Also big, yummy burgers, you can do sweet potato, reg, or cajun fries, also good sandwiches (salmon BLT) and wraps and salads. Normally salads and wraps sound boring and healthy, but these are chockful of meat and bacon and avocado and cheese and all sorts of yummy awesomeness. And they have one of the most fantastic beer selections if u like beer.

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