March Roundup

March is over, so it’s time to recap my March running numbers! Read up on January’s roundup and February’s too!

Photo Mar 22, 6 24 20 PM

I accepted a challenge at the beginning of March, to reach 100 Miles in March, #100MarchMiles! Unfortunately, I came up a bit short, with a total of 93 miles to close out the month. I finished out the #100MarchMiles challenge today with 3 beautiful spring miles after work.  Compared to last month’s 55 miles, I ran many more miles this month, which makes me super happy!  It’s nobody’s fault but my own that I didn’t reach my goal.  I’ve had a very busy month non-runningwise, and skipped or shortened my runs on a few days, which likely accounted for my lack of 7 (or more) miles.

With this month’s 93 miles, I am currently at 238 miles for the year.  My main running goal for 2015 is to run 1100 miles, and I’m a tiny bit behind for the year, and will have to run 96 miles per month to reach my goal.  I plan to work very hard in the next months to keep my mileage in the 90-110 miles per month range.

Photo Mar 14, 9 52 19 AM

I ran with the KC Running Co. Groupies 8 times. I did not have any races in March, but had several great long training runs.  My longest run was 9.5 miles with the Groupies on March 29, but my longest mileage in one day was March 22, when I ran 8 miles in the morning and 2 miles later in the evening, totaling 10 miles.  I went to Hays for one weekend and unfortunately, Mom was sick, but I had 2 great runs with Shay puppy! My best week was the week of March 16-22, with 24.25 miles.  I went to yoga 3 times, and have continued to work on a stronger mind and a stronger body.

Photo Mar 26, 7 36 45 PM

Next month, for April, I will have 2 races, the Rock the Parkway 1/2 Marathon and the Trolley Run 4 miler.  I’m really excited to start going to races this sprig/summer!  How was your March?

18 thoughts on “March Roundup

  1. Great job! I am so proud of you for hitting 93 miles. We will keep it going in April with #100AprilMiles. I hope you join in again.

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  14. Th#7a&821t;s lovely, and charming and all sorts of wonderful. Those are the kind of photos that create a story. You can see someone finding this on a beach somewhere and losing themselves in an imaginary journey of filling in the blanks.Thank you for sharing!

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