Running Buddy Pouch Ambassador

I’m super happy to announce that I’m now a Running Buddy Pouch Ambassador!!

Running Buddy recently saw my review of the Buddy Pouch, and contacted me about it.  After corresponding with them for a short time, they were kind enough to send me a Running Buddy 6+ and offered me an ambassadorship!


What does this mean for you?

1.  Information.  I will be receiving first hand knowledge of new products, and will pass along the information to you.  Likewise, my fellow Running Buddy Ambassadors and I are in touch on social media and will share stories, tips, and ideas related to running, fitness, and/or travel.  The communication between you, me and my fellow ambassadors and the Running Buddy staff can be one seamless link, which means more products made specifically for you!

2.  Discounts.  I currently have a code for 10% your purchase at, and encourage you to share that code with friends and family who may be interested in buying a Buddy Pouch of their own.  The code is RB6, and you simply enter it at when you’re completing your purchase.  Remember, shipping is always just $1.00 with the Running Buddy!

3.  Community.  The Running Buddy is a small, American-made and American-run company, and community is at it’s heart.  Without friends, family, and colleagues, the Running Buddy wouldn’t exist! I believe a small community of passionate people is exactly what makes the Running Buddy so special.  They are not in it to rise to the top and make all the money, they are in it to sell a quality product that fits the need of runners, travelers, bikers, fair-goers, shoppers, sight-seers, and many more.   They are in it for all the right reasons.

Photo Jan 19, 12 01 51 PM

I’ve updated my RAVES page to reflect my ambassadorship, and will shortly be updating it to reflect my new favorite items (at the top of the page) to showcase my Running Buddy.  If you haven’t already, please check out, and if you are in the market for a Buddy Pouch, be sure to use code RB6 to get 10% off.

Connect with the Running Buddy Pouch:


Twitter: @buddypouch

Facebook: /therunningbuddy

Instagram: @buddypouch

8 thoughts on “Running Buddy Pouch Ambassador

  1. I just saw your review of the Running Buddy and it was super helpful. There don’t seem to be many quality photos of the inside available. I’m trying to decide between this and the RooSport and this tipped it a bit further in my favor!

    • Great! There is basically one large divided pocket, I have plenty of room for my iPhone 5s, Chapstick, a few dollars or a debit card, a pony tail holder, and my key. I would probably have room for a couple Gus too. Hope it helps! Use code RB6 for 10% off!

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