Thursday Thoughts: March 12

Unfortunately it has been an insane week, so I only have a short little Thursday Thoughts for you today.

Last Thursday night was the KCRC Groupie Run in Martin City, with free pizza, beer, and prizes after.  I actually won a $100 gift certificate to KC Running Co!!! I’m planning on redeeming it tonight for a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost shoes. =D

Photo Mar 05, 5 57 28 PM

Photo Mar 05, 9 30 33 PM

After a longish run on Sunday, I became friends with my long lost buddy, the foam roller.  It’s truly a love/hate relationship.  I know I need to roll more, maybe I’ll write a post about it, that way I can convince myself more that it’s something I need to do more than once a month.

Photo Mar 08, 4 59 38 PM

Beautiful weather plus spring coming soon plus Daylight Saving Time equals lots of balcony time.  Jasper and I have been soaking up the sun.  The birds are chipping, the squirrels are out and about, and spring is definitely in the air!Photo Mar 09, 3 41 05 PM

Sorry for the short post this week, lots going on.  I’ll try to get a post up this weekend some time! Enjoy the spring-like weather!

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