Shooting Range

Several weeks ago, James and I went with a couple friends to Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit, to shoot bows at the archery range there.  The other day, James and I went back to Frontier Justice to shoot at the gun range.  You can read the rules and information about the shooting range here.

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I’ve only ever shot a gun once, when I was much younger, Dad let Kristen and I shoot his shotgun out in a field.  I don’t remember anything about it except that I was not able to get even one shot into the pop can sitting on the fence post.  I was excited, but nervous, to shoot a hand gun.  I will say the first few shots, I didn’t hit the target, not even once.  My eyes must focus or aim weirdly, because once I kind of let my eyes un-focus, I was able to at least hit the paper!

The gun we chose to shoot (read: James chose to shoot, as I had no idea what gun would be a good one for a couple of first-timers) was a Glock G17 9mm.  The entire list of guns you are able to rent from Frontier Justice can be found here.  I made a super-rookie mistake and kept my left thumb too high, and now am sporting a spot on my thumb where I have no skin.  I looked down after shooting several rounds, and had blood running down my thumb.  Pro tip, don’t keep your thumb where the gun will recoil!

Photo Feb 26, 3 49 03 PM

We each had 3 paper targets, had to purchase the eyewear, and rented the headphones.  We had the lane for a little over an hour.  The lane rental is generally an hour, but if is not a super busy time, the staff will basically let you have the lane for as long as you’d like.  There was only one other lane in use while we were there.  For most of the shots, the targets were at 25 feet. though James shot a few at 50 feet I think.

James was a much better shot, but we both had a couple of bull’s eyes! We (and by we, I mean mostly James, ok, almost entirely James) had to load each bullet into the magazine, and it was hard! I was really surprised at how difficult it was to push the bullets in.  The gun held 17 bullets, apparently that’s what the G17 part of the Glock G17 9mm means.

Photo Feb 26, 3 56 35 PM

At the end of the day, it was a really fun time.  I think, overall, I preferred the archery range, just because it was more relaxed and you didn’t have to yell to hear each other through the headphones.  The archery range is also much less expensive.  I know James would like to shoot a rifle sometime, and that sounds fun, but I think handguns, or even more so, archery, is more up my alley.

Look below, we each hit the bull’s eyes!

Photo Mar 01, 8 40 21 PM

When we were home a couple weeks ago, James did grab his bow from home, so sometime we will go back to Frontier Justice and shoot his recurve bow.  We took our targets home, and Jasper had fun playing and attacking the paper.

If you’ve never shot a gun before, I recommend trying it, at least giving it a shot.  It was a unique experience, I’m really glad we tried it.  I won’t be buying a gun or doing a concealed carry class anytime soon, but I can see how people would like shooting guns as a hobby, it was an exciting experience.

Photo Feb 26, 5 42 36 PM

Have you ever been to a shooting range? Have you shot a gun?

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