February Roundup

As I did of January, and will do each month this year, I’m going to quickly recap my running in February.  I do this to keep myself accountable, and to be able to quickly see my running stats, all in one place.  I do keep my training log and phone tracker up to date, each day, but it’s nice to see it all one one convenient place.

I finished out my February running with 4.5 miles on the treadmill this afternoon. It has been snowing here since early this morning, and isn’t supposed to stop until late tomorrow afternoon.  My total mileage for February is 55 miles.  This is quite a bit lower than I would have wanted, and is definitely lower than the 92 miles I need to average each month to reach my goal of 1100 miles for 2015.

Photo Feb 28, 4 01 18 PM

With the 55 miles I ran in February, I am now at 145 miles for the year.  To reach my goal of 1100 miles this year, I will now have to average 95 miles for the remaining 10 months of the year.  With spring right around the corner, I know my runs will be more easily accomplished with extended daylight.  With racing season right around the corner, I know my long runs will become longer, to help me prepare for my half marathons coming up.

February was not a great month, as far as mileage, and I attribute at least a portion of that to the bronchitis I and for about 2 weeks.  I did volunteer at my first race, on February 1, the Kickoff 5k, before the Super Bowl, with my good friend Amy.  I ran with the KCRC Groupies 3 times.  The weather was responsible for canceling a few Groupie runs, and I missed one or two because of my bronchitis.  I was able to run with Mom and Shay once, when James and I went home for a weekend visit.  Photo Feb 02, 10 57 52 AM

Photo Feb 21, 12 22 52 PM (1)

Photo Feb 28, 8 30 59 PM

I did not have any races in February.  My longest run was 5.5 miles, on February 17, on the treadmill. My highest mileage week was the week of February 2-8, with 25 miles.  I have continued to go to yoga class once a week, though I missed 2 classes due to my bronchitis.  My pace is continuing to get better as each week’s runs are completed.

Photo Feb 28, 4 55 41 PM

Saw this fun “What’s your runner name”? quiz chart the other day, and apparently my runner name is Runna MoZapatos.  It’s okay though, you can call me Mo Runna for short.  😉11036205_783345398401922_6601218941890487810_n

I’m ready for the time change in a week, and I’m ready for spring and warmer temperatures.  I’m excited to get my long runs to about 10 miles, which I’m hoping to accomplish in March.  How did you do on your February running and fitness goals?  What’s your “Runner name?”

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