Thursday Thoughts: January 22

It’s Thursday again, and it’s been quite the exciting week.  Last Friday morning, I was on my way to work when I was in a fender bender car accident.  Needless to say, I didn’t make it to work.  I wasn’t injured, and neither was the other party, but it was quite the experience.  I’d never been in a car accident before, and I am thankful it wasn’t worse.  My car should be fixed up in another week or so, but until then, I’m driving a mini van.  What’s even worse, is that it has Missouri plates! Ahh! I can’t believe I’m driving around giving people the impression that I’m a Missourian.

Photo Jan 21, 9 11 11 PM

I couldn’t let another Thursday go by without sharing some pictures of my favorite little furbaby.  When he’s not napping and laying about the house, he’s begging to go outside.  The beautiful 50 and 60 degree weather has allowed him to be outside more than normal lately.  He just loves being out on the balcony, watching birds, listening to all the sounds, sniffing and sniffing and sniffing everything.  I imagine this spring and summer he will be spending a lot of time out there.

Photo Jan 18, 6 47 47 PM

Photo Jan 19, 11 13 06 AM

It seems he’s also been looking for new places to lay inside. He’s found this little nook in the spare bedroom (why we have a vanity in the spare bedroom, I have no idea, all of the apartments in our complex are that way!).  He’s also been laying under the quilt rack, which I’d never seen him do before.  James and I thought we had lost him somehow, could’t find him anywhere, and he finally came out from under the quilt rack.  I’d imagine it’s nice and quiet and dark under there, a perfect spot for a nap.

Photo Jan 20, 6 24 44 PM

Monday, I had a pedicure at Life Spring Med Spa, which was lovely.  I ran one of my longest training runs on Sunday, and also signed up for the Hospital Hill Half Marathon so it was a nice little treat to get my legs and feet massaged, and get some pretty pink polish for the nice spring-like January weather.

Photo Jan 19, 3 15 55 PM

I am in love with this cuff bracelet I got over the weekend.  How fitting that Courage is my one little word for 2015, and that With Brave Wings She runs is my own personal mantra.  I just love it.  I’ve worn it every day since I bought it.

Photo Jan 21, 11 15 26 AM

This weekend I am running the Groundhog Run 10k,which is all underground, which will be super fun and interesting, and definitely something I’ve never done before!  I believe the race has already raised over $200,000 this year for Children’s TLC, which is just fantastic. I think James will come spectate the race, so hopefully I’ll get some pictures and will write a short recap this weekend or early next week.

How’s the weather where you are? If it’s icy or cold, please be safe! If it’s nice and spring-like, like here in KC, get outside and enjoy the weather!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: January 22

  1. Well . . . the Groundhog Run. Your husband will not be able to spectate anywhere but the finish line. I’ve run it twice (10K both times), and that’s enuf for me. Picture the parking garage of your nightmares. Endless rows of columns disappearing into the darkness. Tons of rock above your head. Bad air back in the distant parts. Crowded. No satellite reception, so you can’t count on your watch or phone for time or distance. Parking is generally bad unless you get there early.

    But you’ll get to run in shorts and a tank in January. It’s chip timed. It is unlike any other run in the world (not really . . . there are other underground runs). You’ll have the experience to tell you grandchildren. And I think they’re giving out finisher medals. They have always had plenty of chocolate milk at the end, and once you’re done, they generally let the common folk into the VIP area. (better food, real bathrooms) The vendors sometimes give out stuff. (I got a shirt from the Brooks tent cuz I walked by with Brooks on my feet.)

    Be sure to get a photo of you with the groundhog or at least in front of the groundhog painting.

  2. I had a huge long reply typed out and I lost it!

    Thanks for the heads up on spectating and watch reception. I’ll be sure to grab a pic with the groundhog. I’m looking forward to the experience of running 6 miles underground, and I’m hoping I don’t become claustrophobic!

  3. Glad you are ok! I hit a fox (or rather it ran into the side of my car) while on my way to work last Friday. I did the 5k last year and am really bothered by smells so I didn’t love it. My poor husband came and couldn’t even play on his phone while he waited for me…lol we parked at the casino and they had shuttle buses going which seemed to work well. Have fun!

    • Last Friday was not a good day for being on the road! I’m glad you are ok too!

      We plan to park at the casino and take the shuttle too. My hubby said he would still come and watch even though there isn’t much spectating room. He’s a good guy. 🙂

  4. During this run, you know you’re underground, but it is clean and well lighted, and the road you run on is paved. If you can, just persuade yourself that you’re running indoors. That’s a ceiling overhead, not a mountain. And just focus on running. You can probably PR on this flat, flat course.

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