Thursday Thoughts: January 8

Happy Thursday friends!  I’ve recently started utilizing my Facebook page for My Brave Wings, previously I only posted my articles on my personal site.  I’m trying to build my audience, and I’d love if you could “like”my page and share it with your friends!


My sister got some fun things for Christmas, and added them to her fun and awesome running wall! On the left is her map to track her 50 state half marathon journey.  She’s working toward running a half marathon in each state, and is sticking a pin in each state as she goes!  I got her the medal holder last year for Christmas, and she’s already filled it up! On the right is a chalkboard with her PR’s, and total mileage so far for 2015 (this was taken on the 2nd or 3rd of January, so I’m sure she’s already way higher than 14.75 miles)!  I LOVE her wall!

Photo Jan 03, 8 39 55 PM

Jazzy and I had lots of snuggle time last weekend, it was so nice to finally have a weekend at home with no traveling, no events, no craziness! Don’t get me wrong, I loved being home for 2 weeks for Christmas, and visiting home several times in the fall, but I’m really glad to be back normal.

Photo Jan 03, 8 10 24 PM

James got this awesome Buddha Board for Christmas, and he’s been drawing every day on it! The idea is really unique, it uses nothing but water – you draw on the board with the special brush dipped in water, and after a few seconds (or a few minutes if you get it more wet), it evaporates off the board and you can draw again.  I’ve drawn a few times too, it’s really freeing knowing that your drawing will disappear.

Photo Jan 07, 9 18 04 PM

I have seen this quote many times over the last few years, and I love it! Mom got me a little board with this saying on it also, it sits on my dresser.  This one below is so colorful, it motivates me every day!

Photo Jan 05, 8 26 56 AM

Last night, I went to yoga for the first time in KC.  I haven’t gone to a yoga class since I lived in Hays, and it was challenging and fun and I loved it!  I went to Life Spring Yoga, and met a fabulous teacher, Maylo.  I can’t wait to go back next week.  I am a little sore today especially in my back and shoulders, but it’s such a good sore!  I still have my goal of doing a handstand, and I feel confident Maylo and Life Spring Yoga can help me get there!

Photo Jan 07, 5 47 42 PM

I am also SO excited to get back to KCRC tonight, it has been nearly a month since I went to a Thursday night Groupie’s run.  It’s been so cold out lately, I hope it’s not cancelled tonight, but if it is, I’ll just get in some quality time with the good ol’ Treadmill.

I saw this cartoon yesterday and laughed so hard! This is JUST like Jasper!

Photo Jan 07, 3 08 16 PM

Have an amazing weekend! Stay WARM! Do you run outside when it’s super cold? How cold is too cold?

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