Ice Skating!

On New Years evening, James and I went to the Park Place Ice Skating rink.  Neither of us had ever gone ice skating before, it was fun!  Since I had never gone before, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I’ve roller bladed quite a lot before, many years ago, and I figured it would be kind of the same.

Photo Jan 01, 6 22 56 PM

I know there is also ice skating at Crown Center, which is further away from home.  We hope to go to the ice rink at Crown Center sometime, and I’m glad the prices are similar.  Crown Center charges $9 per person, including skate rental, and Park Place charges $10 ($9 if you bring a canned good for the food bank).

Photo Jan 01, 6 10 54 PM

I learned three things:

1.  My ankles are weak.

2.  I’m not as clumsy as I thought, I didn’t fall!

3.  I want to do this again!

Photo Jan 01, 6 26 55 PM

Photo Jan 01, 6 22 42 PM

There were lots of kids, some were really good at skating, they skated circles around me! Aside from never skating before, I’ve also never gone skiing or snowboarding, both are on my bucket list!

Photo Jan 01, 6 23 13 PM

Photo Jan 01, 6 25 27 PM

Right when we got there, everyone had to get off the ice so they could smooth it out and resurface it.  I think every time they clean the ice, they should allow you to go the other way, I felt like I was on a track, always going left.  It would have been nice (especially for my tender IT band) to be able to go right a bit.

Photo Jan 01, 6 32 36 PM

Photo Jan 01, 6 33 12 PM

I can’t wait to do this again! We might have to make it a New Years Day tradition!  High five for no falling!  Have you been ice skating before? How old were you?

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