My One Little Word

I’ve read many articles lately, people have been selecting a word to focus on for the new year.  I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately, and have decided to choose a word for 2015.

My inspiration came from a few blog posts I’ve read over the last couple weeks: Rebekah is a high school classmate of mine, I read her posts regularly, and this was the first I had read about having “One Little Word.”  Read her post here.  The post Rebekah used for inspiration was Ali Edwards’ “One Little Word” project.  Her post is here.  During a bit more research, I also found an informative post by Forbes on choosing a theme, read it here.

My word for 2015 is courage.

2014 brought a lot of changes to my life, I moved to Kansas City with James, I was promoted in my job, I’ve joined a running club, I’ve run two half marathons (one and two) I’ve made friends and lost loved ones.  2014 was a year of change.  2015 will be a year of taking chances, growing and learning and thriving, and of having courage to do it all with open arms, an open mind, and an open heart.Photo Jan 03, 11 56 39 AM

Photo Jan 03, 11 46 39 AM

I strongly considered using the word brave, but I feel as if 2014 was full of brave, and I want to continue to be brave in 2015, and be full of courage as well.  2015 will be a fantastic year, I am confident I will spread my wings to reach and surpass my goals and even more in 2015.  I encourage you to find focus for 2015 with a word or theme.  I believe a theme for the year can bring meaning and inspiration to you and your future

If you have a word or theme for 2015, share it in the comments below.  Happy new year!

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