Christmas in Pictures

Christmas has come and gone! This time of year always goes so fast.  I spent 2 weeks at home, spending some time with grandpa, then going to the funeral, then Christmas. I was able to spend some great quality time with family and friends, and it was a rally great visit, even though parts were sad.  To get through all these pictures, I’ll do 1 sentence per picture!

Jasper made himself quite at home during the 10 days he was in Hays.

Photo Dec 23, 2 39 19 PM

Augustine’s Bakery sugar cookies and Cerv’s snowballs… sugar overload!

Photo Dec 29, 11 36 43 AM

There’s nothing better than bestie time and taco party on Christmas Eve!

Photo Dec 29, 11 37 15 AM

I love my sisser.

Photo Dec 23, 5 49 53 PM

Mom’s nativity set is displayed every year, I love it, and it was made by my Grandpa many years ago.

Photo Dec 24, 2 17 56 PM

I made a Merry Christmas card-type thing, which makes me happy.

Photo Dec 27, 6 47 21 PM

Jasper and Lucy weren’t really friends by the end of our visit, but they did sleep like this for a while.

Photo Dec 24, 2 14 57 PM

Christmas Eve, we sprinkled Reindeer Food on James’ parents’ front lawn.

Photo Dec 24, 10 26 40 PM

Christmas morning at my parents was perfect.

Photo Dec 25, 9 43 02 AM

I love my family more than anything!

Photo Dec 25, 9 57 14 AM

I love my family more than anything!

Photo Dec 25, 12 06 47 PM

I am spoiled and lucky and got pretty and fun bracelets from James and Kristen for Christmas.

Photo Dec 25, 2 18 27 PM

I gave Kristen a Momentum Jewelry wrap bracelet for Christmas, and I got one too!

Photo Dec 27, 5 03 34 PM

I loved being able to spend all day with Grandma and Granddad.

Photo Dec 27, 4 14 02 PM

The Culley’s and the Fleharty’s made the annual calendar for Grandma and Granddad.

Photo Dec 24, 3 44 44 PM

And we took our annual picture, which has been going on for at least 5 years (I found 5 years ago’s picture on my time hop recently).

Photo Dec 29, 9 14 20 AM

Last year and this year, we ordered pizza, and we wrote it down so we wouldn’t have to figure it all out again next year.

Photo Dec 27, 5 59 58 PM

I loved spending time with Michelle, Maja, and Mom… all that’s left of our little Z-FAM!

Photo Dec 27, 9 09 40 PM

This picture took like 8 tries to get without a shadow over Maja’s face.

Photo Dec 27, 9 29 35 PM

I love my boys, and they were so precious on Sunday morning.

Photo Dec 28, 9 51 35 AM

Mom sent me this text on Sunday, I’m glad Jasper didn’t figure this out earlier in our visit.

Photo Dec 28, 11 18 13 AM

James and I were SO lucky and got to have 4 precious hours with Michelle on the way to KC!

Photo Dec 28, 5 21 20 PM

Jasper entertained us.

Photo Dec 28, 6 38 48 PM

James got Jasper a treat-maze, and he’s had a hard time figuring it out.

Photo Dec 29, 6 27 58 PM

I’m happy to be home after a whirlwind 2 weeks in Hays, but I do miss having Mom and Dad right there.  I had an amazing time back home, and I’m so thankful I was able to spend so much time with family.  That being said, I am very ready to get back to a normal routine!

With New Years right around the corner, I will be re-reading my 2015 Running Goals post a few times to get in the right mindset!

How were your holidays? Were you able to spend time with family and friends?

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