Thursday Thoughts: December 11

Sunday I wrote about our visit to the Plaza with James’ parents to see the lights.  Saturday night after the Plaza, we relaxed at home, and Jasper was finally feeling better enough to snuggle.  We took him to the vet on Thursday night because he was acting very lethargic and not wanting his treats or food at night.  He ended up having a pretty high fever and was given an antibiotic shot.  By Saturday night, he was acting much more like himself, and by Sunday you’d never know he was sick!

Photo Dec 06, 9 15 16 PM

Sunday morning I got up and went to run with the Groupies.  I hadn’t been to a Sunday run for a while, I like my sleep on Sundays!  It ended up being a great run, I ran 6.5 miles, which is further than I’ve gone in a while.  I’m slowly but surely building up my mileage for the Rock the Parkway half marathon in April!  I’m hoping to attend at least 2 Sunday morning runs with the Groupies each month.  Going to the group runs should help me prepare for several reasons.  I generally don’t run in the mornings, I like to run after work, so running in the mornings will help me figure out a race routine, and running with the Groupies will definitely help mentally build my confidence since I usually run solo. You can see my half marathon training plan post for Rock the Parkway here.

Photo Dec 08, 12 34 53 PM

Sunday evening, we took James’ parents to have their first KC BBQ!  James and I overlooked the fact that Joe’s KC BBQ (previously called Oklahoma Joe’s), the most well known BBQ restaurant in KC, is closed on Sundays! We took them to Burnt Ends, which is near James’ work.  It was pretty tasty!

Photo Dec 07, 5 52 30 PM

When we got home, we watched the I Love Lucy Christmas special, and Jasper had a nice cuddle with Wayne.  It was a fun weekend, nice and laid back.

Photo Dec 07, 7 25 21 PM

This week, I had a work meeting in Topeka, and my boss gave each of us a small plaque. She said it was a fun way to remind us to stay confident in the field, as we often talk to clients who change their stories a lot.  Super cute.  I put it on my desk by my lamp and little owl that Granddad and Grandma brought me from Wisconsin a couple years ago.

Photo Dec 09, 3 57 30 PM

Today is Belle’s birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!  Michelle, I may not see you often, or talk to you regularly, but that doesn’t mean you are out of my mind.  You have a most special place in my heart, and I’m so lucky to have you as my bestie and in my life.  I can’t wait to see you over the Christmas break! xoxo

Photo Dec 10, 7 44 32 PM

Tonight, James and I are going to an advanced screening of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  I won two tickets from my favorite radio station, Mix 93.3 in KC, and we get to see the movie a week before it comes out! James is super excited, especially since he reviews the movies for our paper and news website in Hays.


I hadn’t seen this quote in a long time, but when I saw it again this week, I fell in love with it all over again.

Photo Dec 09, 8 44 01 AM

Do you run with a group? Has it helped your running? For those of you in KC running the RTP half marathon next April, are you planning on attending any of the Groupie Runs on Sundays? If so, let me know and we can meet before or after! I hope to go to at least 2 a month!

Only 2 weeks until Christmas!

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts: December 11

  1. I ran with the Olathe Running Club for a couple of years. And when I say “ran with” I really mean “ran behind” or “met up with later.” I couldn’t keep up with any of them. Still, I got a constant flow of encouragement, praise, advice, and welcome. Plus my club membership got me a 20 percent discount at Gribble’s and KC Running Company (and a few online places too). After Saturday morning runs we had breakfast together. After Wednesday night runs we have beers together. Good group of good people and all levels of runners.

    But I’ve found that I’m really a solitary person. I’ll keep up my membership in case my mood changes, but it was hard work for me to try to fit in.

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