Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

Quick recap post of the Thanksgiving weekend… 1 sentence per picture!

Thanksgiving morning, I ran my own Turkey Trot 5k with Shay before dinner.Photo Nov 27, 8 37 33 AM

James’ grandma Alice and Lucy puppy had some good cuddle time before dinner.

Photo Nov 27, 11 37 51 AM

Happy Thanksgiving from the Gersnters!

Photo Nov 27, 11 44 37 AM

The cherry pie I made was pretty dang delicious.

Photo Nov 27, 7 38 41 PM

Friday Mom and I had a short run with Shay in the amazing weather.

Photo Nov 28, 3 34 27 PM

Saturday we had a walk through camps, and the weather was gorgeous and the leaves were pretty.

Photo Nov 29, 11 34 37 AM

Holiday decorating and tree trimming was a success on Saturday.

Photo Nov 29, 5 45 45 PM

Granddad had plenty of kitty-on-lap time Saturday evening.

Photo Nov 29, 6 01 49 PM

James caught Dad, Granddad, and I watching a Huskers update video Saturday night.

Photo Nov 29, 9 00 58 PM

Bird watching at Mom and Dads.


Jasper spent some time on my lap on the drive back home, he melts my heart.

Photo Nov 30, 4 29 07 PM

When we got home Sunday night, we put up our Christmas wreath!

Photo Nov 30, 8 38 01 PM

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family.  Remember, Monday at 7:00pm is the deadline for the Road ID giveaway!  Have a great week!

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