Home Sweet Hays

Last weekend, James and I went home to Hays.  We spent time with family and attended Granddad’s FHSU Hall of Fame Induction.  But FIRST, we had to get a snoball! Mmmmm Hays tradition!  Read about Granddad’s induction on Saturday here.

Photo Oct 25, 8 53 19 AM

Cooper loved the extra hands to scratch him and laps to snuggle on.

Photo Oct 25, 9 41 47 AM

I missed my puppy so much! We took pictures of the leaves in the backyard on Sunday.  Mom and Dad’s property is the most gorgeous lot for fall colors.  There are so many different trees and shrubs and vines.  The colors were amazing.  I know Dad might feel differently about having to rake all the leaves, especially since leaves were falling like rain, but it sure is pretty.

Photo Oct 26, 10 45 13 AM

Photo Oct 26, 10 49 35 AM

Photo Oct 27, 10 56 32 AM

Photo Oct 27, 10 57 18 AM

Sunday morning, Mom and I took Shay puppy on a run!  I’ve missed running with Shay.  And I’ve missed running with Mom too of course.

Photo Oct 26, 10 57 29 AM

Photo Oct 26, 10 59 10 AM

Photo Oct 26, 12 05 01 PM

After our run, we took a drive in the bug… to get a snoball!

Photo Oct 26, 12 12 57 PM

Photo Oct 26, 12 17 40 PM

We had a BBQ with James’ parents and Grandma, then saw Grandpa at the nursing home for a little bit before we left town.  He should be able to go home soon, he’s recovered well from his surgery, and has started chemo.  It was really nice to see him, but I hope he gets to go home soon.

Photo Oct 26, 4 41 18 PM

The weekend went so fast.  I’m glad we are able to go home on weekends, and I’m really glad we’ll be able to  go home again in a month for Thanksgiving.  OH MY GOSH Thanksgiving is in a month! Where, oh, where, did this year go?!

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