Milwaukee (Running)

This final post about my trip to Milwaukee with Mom and Dad, to see Kristen and Thayne, is about the 2 runs I had with Mom and Kristen in Milwaukee, along the lake.  Be sure to check out my recap of our trip Saturday and Sunday, here, and Monday and Tuesday, here.

Mom and Kristen and I were able to run by the lake twice on our trip.  Although Kristen runs WAY faster than Mom and I typically run, she was nice enough to run with us and show us some absolutely breathtaking paths she runs on a weekly basis.  Sunday morning, after we walked to the gym where Kristen works as a trainer, and left Dad to lift, we headed off to the lake front to run.  It was a chilly morning, especially with the breeze from Lake Michigan, but we warmed up pretty quickly with the sun shining.  The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon was taking place, and finishing near by, and we saw and heard the festivities during our run.  Mom and I were sure to wear our KC Running Co. Groupies shirts, so we represented KC to WI on the 50 state journey!

Photo Oct 05, 9 59 49 AM

Photo Oct 11, 8 26 14 PM

Photo Oct 05, 10 10 59 AM

Photo Oct 05, 10 30 35 AM

After our run, we ate brunch and went to the Mukwonago Corn Maze.  Monday, Dad biked along with us on Kristen’s bike while Mom, Kristen and I ran a bit further north along the lake.  We ran through the McKinley Marina and out onto the breakwater to the lighthouse.  It was a little chillier on Monday morning, but the views of the city and the lake from the lighthouse were really spectacular.

Photo Oct 06, 9 29 15 AM

We ended up running about 4.5 miles each day on Sunday and Monday, which was more than I had run the whole week prior because of my sinus infection, and with Grandpa in the hospital I didn’t have much time, even if I had been feeling better.  The runs both felt really good, and the views of the lake, the city, and just having Mom and Kristen there, made both runs feel great. We had to “touch” the light house / pole, because Kristen says if you don’t touch it, you didn’t really officially run the breakwater.  She said she ran it once, and there were people by the pole, so she turned around and was starting to run back, when someone hollered at her and said she cheated! We were sure to touch it!

Photo Oct 06, 9 32 15 AM

Photo Oct 06, 9 33 58 AM

Photo Oct 11, 8 43 20 PM

After our run/bike on Monday, we showered up, at lunch, and drove around by the lake further north, stopped at a beautiful little beach, and walked by the Art Museum where we ran on Sunday, to feed the ducks and watch the geese.

Tuesday, we ran a couple miles along the indoor track that encircles the Wisconsin Athletic Club on the 6th floor.  There are window’s almost all the way around, which means when you run, the windows and side of the building are right next to you.  It is pretty cool to run on the 6th floor and be able to see the buildings all around downtown.  After our short run, Mom and I struggled through Kristen’s interval class at the WAC.  Burpees with a Bosu ball.  Nice, Kristen.

It was a great trip to Milwaukee with Mom and Dad, I knew I couldn’t fit it all into one post, so read Saturday and Sunday’s adventures here, and Monday and Tuesday’s fun here.

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