Milwaukee (Part Two)

This is a continuance about my trip to Milwaukee with my mom and dad to visit my sister and brother-in-law last weekend.  Read part one (Saturday and Sunday) of our Milwaukee trip here.  I also wrote about couple of runs with Mom and Kristen in Milwaukee here.

Monday, after our run, we drove by the lake front, and stopped at a gorgeous little beach, Atwater Beach, in Shorewood.  There were about a thousand stairs going down to the beach, and it was a most perfect, sunny day.  Okay, there were only 140 stairs or so, but it felt like a lot!  Mom collected small rocks and shells, and Kristen, Dad, and I played on a swing set made of large discs.  We also walked out on one of the docks and watched the small waves roll in.

Photo Oct 06, 1 31 00 PM

Photo Oct 06, 12 54 07 PM

Photo Oct 06, 12 58 14 PM

Photo Oct 11, 7 40 30 PM

Photo Oct 06, 1 13 36 PM

After we left the beach, we walked along the lake front behind the Art Museum, fed the seagulls and ducks, and watched quite a few runners, walkers, and bikers.

Photo Oct 06, 4 32 09 PM

On Tuesday, we went to the Milwaukee Zoo! We saw all of the exhibits except the kids’ petting zoo.  All of the animals were pretty active, and it was a gorgeous morning.   The gorilla was showing off, running in front of us several times, he had some HUGE muscles.  There was a baby snow leopard, which was adorable.  The lions, tigers, and leopards were sleeping, but nearly every other animal was out and active.

Photo Oct 11, 7 32 22 PM

The bears were sleeping too, but one of the brown bears stretched a couple times.  The giraffe’s were funny to watch, trying to get leaves from on top of the rock, or doing the splits to pick up leaves from the ground.  The elephants were picking up 6 foot long branches with leaves on them, dragging them along while walking to other branches or hay to eat.  It was like they couldn’t get enough in their mouths.Photo Oct 11, 7 32 59 PM

Photo Oct 07, 11 55 24 AM

There were also quite a few children at the zoo, especially for a random Tuesday morning.  A couple of the kids called Mom weird for talking about the Bongos, which were strange antelope-like animals.  We also got quite chuckle out of some strange large birds that were “talking” to each other, it sounded like some kind of African music.  No animals chased us or peed on us, so it was successful zoo trip!  (I once was sprayed by a rhino, and Mom and I were chased by a Swan near my apartment while running once, which is why I mention that!)

Photo Oct 11, 7 33 52 PM

Photo Oct 07, 12 34 54 PM

It was a great morning at the zoo.  Afterwards, we went to an Irish pub for lunch.  We went the gym Kristen works at that afternoon, ran a couple miles on the track that encircles the gym (with windows out to the street), and then went to the interval class Kristen teaches. That evening, we went to a really nice dinner at Jackson Grill, a steakhouse in an old house.  We celebrated Mom and Dad’s anniversary.  Kristen and I were able to surprise Mom and Dad with 2 glasses of champagne and creme brulee for dessert. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Photo Oct 07, 7 39 49 PM

Wednesday, we got up early and went to the airport to fly back to KC.  We were in Milwaukee from Saturday mid-day to Wednesday morning, and we crammed a lot of fun, family, and food into those couple days, I’m so happy we got the chance to go.  When we got back to KC, Mom and Dad took James and I out for his birthday, then they drove home that afternoon.

Again, Mom and Dad, thank you for taking me along on your trip up to see Kristen and Thayne, I’m so thankful I was able to go.  Kristen and Thayne, thank you for a wonderful stay.  I can’t wait to see you guys again soon.

Check out part 1 of our trip, Saturday and Sunday in Milwaukee, here.  And also be sure to read about running near the lake in Milwaukee with Mom and Kristen, here.

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