Thursday Thoughts: October 2

This week has been rough… last weekend I went to the doctor with a sinus infection. I started feeling bad last Thursday; by Saturday I gave in and went to the doctor.  And a week has passed, and my headache tried to kill me for a full 7 days before subsiding. I don’t want to do that again.

Anyway, last weekend, James and I drove to Manhattan to meet James’ parents at the K-State campus for the day.  We saw the veterinarians memorial for pets, where a plaque was placed for James’ family poodle, Meeko. We walked around campus, ate in Aggieville, and then we bowled in the union.  For as much of a Husker (GO BIG RED!!!) I am, it was nice to see the campus, I’ve never really seen much of K-State’s campus.  James and I lost to James’ mom pretty terribly at bowling, but I still beat James. It has been several years since I’ve bowled, but it was a lot of fun!

Photo Sep 28, 2 28 27 PM

I got a new phone case last week, and I love it.  Birds, colors, patterns, what could be better.  It makes me happy.

Photo Sep 29, 2 16 37 PM

This week, Grandpa came to KC to have surgery to remove the cancer on his pancreas.  We took him to Pie Five, which was delicious, as always.  The family has started a journal website to help keep family and friends informed about his journey and progress.  You can visit it here and leave a message for him if you’d like. He has enjoyed reading the comments on facebook and on the website.

Photo Sep 29, 6 20 44 PM

Unfortunately, the surgery to remove the tumor was unsuccessful, as the cancer had progressed to the nerve to the kidney, and they were unable to remove it.  He’s going to heal up from the surgery and see what his options are once he gets back home.

It’s been really nice having family in town and being able to see them daily, but I wish the circumstances were different for sure.  Grandpa’s a fighter, and he’s in good spirits.  Any prayers or good thoughts would certainly be welcomed, and my family and I do thank you for your thoughts.

In other HUGE Kansas City news, THE ROYALS WON their wildcard game, and it was the most exciting baseball game I think I’ve ever watched! I stayed up WAY past my bedtime, and it really is a great time to be in KC.  Between the Chiefs winning Monday night, the Royals winning their wild card game Tuesday night, and Sporting KC going to meet the president, it’s been an amazing week in KC for our sports! Best of luck to the boys in blue on their first playoff journey since I’ve been alive! We even got to wear our Royals shirts at work this week. #BeRoyalKC

Photo Sep 30, 9 09 02 AM

This weekend, Mom, Dad, and I are visiting Kristen and Thayne in Milwaukee.  I can’t wait to see Kristen and Thayne, it has been since April since I saw them.  April to October is far too long to go between visits.

Last Friday, I ended my September Run Streak because of my sinus headache and head cold. Tonight was my first run after running 26 days straight and then not running for 6 days straight. One extreme to the other! I ran tonight with the KCRC Groupies, and though I only did a couple miles, it felt really great to get out there. I am desperately looking forward to things settling back down to normal. I also was able to cash in on my free shoes from KCRC! I was “caught” in my KCRC shirt at a race in September and won the shoes! I picked a pair of New Balance 980’s. Thanks KC Running Company!


Have you had a run streak before, or a break from running? Did it drive you crazy to not run?

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: October 2

  1. I was sent home from work one day last week because I did NOT have a Royals shirt on. I was told not to return until I did. So I bought a shirt and got back to work.

    I’ve never done a streak, but one of the men in our club has a streak going for 8 years! He plans to continue it until he reaches 10 years, and I think he will.

    Oh, and I’m running my first marathon on Sunday. (I expect it to be ugly.)

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