September Run Streak

Well, September is over… and 30 short days ago, I set out to run every day in September in my first ever Run Streak.  My run streak rule was to run at least 1 mile, every day.  (The rules vary, some people streak to run more miles each day, I just set out to run at least 1 mile, every day for 30 days.)  I made it 26 days.  Last weekend, I came down with a sinus infection, and went to the doctor.  Sinus pressure has made my head pound for the last week, and running is the very last thing I wanted to do.

I was upset with myself that I couldn’t finish the month long streak, but also very proud of myself that I made it 26 days.  Previously, the longest “streak”  was 6-7 days.  I have always taken at least one rest day per week.  This September Run Streak definitely brought me out of my running shell. I don’t know when I will attempt another run streak again, but I can say I will attempt it again!

Photo Sep 27, 7 51 33 PM

In other running news, I was very surprised to open Facebook last evening and find a post from KC Running Company, and I won a pair of free shoes!! I have seen KCRC give away free race entries to Groupies wearing KCRC gear at races, but never a pair of shoes! I was so excited!!  The photo was from the Labor Day 5k race James and I ran/walked on September 1.

I can’t wait to cash in! I recently ordered a pair of Altra running shoes, and have really been enjoying them so far.  My sister has ordered a pair of New Balance 980’s; perhaps I will look into a pair of those, or try out something new altogether.  It will be really nice to have a second pair of shoes in my rotation again, I’ve been running with just 1 pair lately.

THANK YOU KCRC!! KCRC has definitely been the best running friend(s) since I moved to KC, and I am excited for the future!

Photo Sep 30, 10 36 49 PM

What kind of shoes should I get? Do you have different brands/shoes in your rotation? Have you run-streaked before?

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