Labor Day 5k

Happy Labor Day! It is September, which blows my mind.  Where did the summer go? Where did 2014 go?

This morning, I got James up super early (I love you!) and we went to City Park for the 24th annual Labor Day 5k.  This was James’ first race, and very well might be his last.  I have been asking him to run with me for a long while now, and though he runs on occasion, he doesn’t love the sport like I do.  He finally agreed, and we planned to run together for the Labor Day 5k. 

Photo Sep 01, 7 01 49 AM

 It rained all night last night, and this morning, dare I say, I was a little chilly this morning.  It was very humid, but temps were in the 60s.  It felt like fall, which is appropriate I suppose, as summer is now over.  For me, this was a large race (coming from western Kansas), but for KC, I believe it was a fairly small race, there were maybe 325 participants. 

Photo Sep 01, 7 02 04 AM

We got to run through part of City Park, which I just love.  I’ve been to the park a few other times to run, and it’s just gorgeous.  I even managed to snap a mid-race photo.  “YAY RUNNING!” is definitely what James is thinking here.

Photo Sep 01, 8 13 25 AM

After the race, we had fresh, hot pancakes, thanks to the Lyons club.  They were delicious.  I could have eaten about 10 pancakes…

Photo Sep 01, 8 44 58 AM

I’m so glad James and I were able to do this together.  It may not have been either of our best performances or fastest runs, but we got out there and enjoyed a beautiful morning in City Park, when we could have easily stayed in bed!  I don’t think this race gave James the running bug, but I’m glad he came out with me anyway!  THANKS honey, I love you!

Photo Sep 01, 9 45 22 AM

Next race, the Plaza 10k in 2 weeks… Now THAT will be a large race, I think there are 5000 participants? I’m looking forward to challenging myself to run the whole thing without walking, which is a distance I haven’t been able to complete in quite some time.  The Plaza 10k is a month before the Kansas City 1/2 Marathon, and the 10k will give me a good idea of how I might do during the half marathon.  I’ve talked before about how I’ve been struggling with training, and though I have let the pressure off, and I know it won’t be a fantastic race, I’m still determined to do my best and have a great time with my Mom and sister!

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