Tuesday Update

I can’t believe July is almost over!  At the beginning of July, James and I moved to KC! We have been busy getting settled into our jobs, routines, and new home.  A couple weeks ago, my parents visited for a couple days, and we at some BBQ, explored the city a little, and caught a Royals game.

First, we went to Oklahoma Joe’s, the original restaurant in a gas station.  We waited in line for about an hour, and it was worth it, but I was starving by the time we got to the front! James and I recently went to Jack Stack BBQ, and we both agree that Oklahoma Joe’s is the winner between the two.  We definitely have lots more BBQ to try though!

Photo Jul 09, 6 46 47 PM

The next day (yes, I’m wearing the same shirt, don’t judge me!), I took Mom and Dad to my new favorite little pizza place, Pie Five Pizza Co.  Capital D – LICIOUS!  It is like a Subway or Chipotle, but for pizza, they make it right in front of you, then it bakes!

Photo Jul 10, 12 39 22 PM

Later, Mom and I ran in the neighborhood.  There are fountains everywhere, and I just love them.  I have ran by this fountain several times, and there is usually a slight misty breeze coming off, which feels amazing.

Photo Jul 10, 3 58 12 PM

We saw the KC Royals play (and lose) to Detroit that night, and it was a lot of fun, even though they lost!  I don’t remember the last time I went to a Royals game, I was a little kid! Mom and Dad got us tickets in Gordo Nation, which was a really fun atmosphere, but unfortunately Alex Gordon didn’t play that night due to an injury. It really a great night spent at the K with my parents, and I hope James and I can go to another game sometime.

Photo Jul 10, 7 08 08 PM

Photo Jul 10, 7 03 00 PM

Photo Jul 10, 6 39 04 PM

Not too much else has gone on these past few weeks, lots of balcony sitting, lots of exploring the neighborhoods, and lots of hot and hilly and humid runs.  Jasper is acclimating very nicely, he really loves going outside.  He also loves having his windows to watch the birds.

I have officially begun training for my second 1/2 marathon, which will be here in KC in October.  My first 1/2 marathon was this past April, and was also quite the experience, but I can’t wait to do it again, and hopefully do better! Kristen and Mom will come for the race, and all 3 of us will be racing together.  This summer has been really tough for training and consistently running, so I’m sure the race will be very challenging, and I sure have my work cut out for me in these next couple months.  I’m sure I will have a post or two about my training as it continues.

Photo Jul 14, 8 18 27 PM

James’ parents are visiting this weekend, and we will spend some time out in the Legends area, which will be fun! It has been nice that family has visited, makes it feel more like home.  Things still don’t feel 100% real yet, even though this is the 3rd full week (for me) of living here.  I’m not sure when it will completely feel real, maybe another month or so?

Photo Jul 20, 1 14 21 PM

Last minute good news, I received a call today and accepted a new position with the State! I will still be working in the same office, but will travel among the region to prevent and detect Child Care fraud going on in the area.  It will be a great new endeavor, and a new challenge for me.  I am looking forward to starting this new chapter with the State.

I’ve seen lots of school supplies already in stores, I really can’t believe how quickly this year is passing.  How’s your summer been?

Four on the 4th Race Recap

On July 4, I ran the Four on the 4th race in Kansas City.  For the past 3 years, I have ran a race on or around July 4.  In Hays, the Wild West 5k is on the Saturday around the 4th of July.  Since I was not in Hays (OMG I still can’t believe I live in KC now!), I had to find a new race! I ran the Ward Parkway Four (Miler) on the 4th.  It was a blast! A hilly, humid, hot blast, but a BLAST!

For comparison’s sake, I believe last year the Hays 5k had about 300 people running/walking.  In KC this year, I think there were just over 1000.  CRAZY amount of people.  Also, in Hays, the elevation gain is super tiny, and there 2-3 big hills, and a couple smaller hills at the KC race.


Needless to say, my body is going to acclimate to hills very fast, or I will die.

This race was my second run in KC since I moved last week.  I also ran last night, and have been taking it a little easy, because I didn’t run a lot in June (because of the packing and the move), and I am not used to the severe humidity or hills.  I am glad I did this race, I met a lot of cool people, had a good fun run, and was able to take part in a 4th of July run for the 3rd straight year.


Things I learned while doing this race:

1.  Fitness is lost FAST.  I skipped a ton of runs in June due to limited time while packing, moving, and traveling back and forth.  I managed to get almost 40 miles in for June, but I was hoping for closer to 100.  I can definitely tell I ran less.

2.  I need to get in some serious hill practice.

3.  I shouldn’t wear my hair in pig tails.  Cute in theory, but a hassle when they stick to my neck.  And they don’t look cute when I’m all sweaty.

4.  I need a flag shirt (sorry Mom, I always hated them growing up, but now I ‘d really like one!)

5.  Runners are family.  I made some sweaty friends while running, and encouragement, even from a stranger, is awesome.  I was really missing my Mom, and running partner, but having such a “family” of runners around made it a little better.

6.  The SEE KC RUN fellas are pretty great, and they take really good race pics, FOR FREE! Who does that? Their website is pretty 1990’s, but the guys are a class act, really cool.

And 7.  I like race bling. =)  Cool medal for finishing the race.

Photo Jul 07, 7 03 50 PM

I’ll see you again next year, Four on the 4th! Thanks Garry Gribbles for putting on a great race! Did you run to celebrate the 4th?