SPIbelt and FlipBelt Review

Ok Runners,

Everyone knows how difficult it is to run, and carry all your stuff with you. I’ve tried several different running belts and bands, and have finally found the best 2 for me.  I have had a FlipBelt for about 6 months, and have loved it.  I recently decided to order a SPIbelt and give it a try.

SPIbelt and FlipBelt did not pay me for these reviews.  I bought each belt on my own, they were not gifted by either company.  The views here are my own.

SPIbelt is on the left, and FlipBelt is on the right.  Jasper, my lovable fur baby, was very instrumental in helping me lay my belts out to photograph.

Photo Apr 26, 7 15 50 PM

FlipBelt retails at FlipBelt’s website for $28.99.  There are 10 different colors, and 5 different sizes.  The belt does stretch, but is not “one size fits all,” there are size measurements based on your waist or hips.  The belt is essentially a tube that fits around your waist, with openings to stash your items.

Photo Apr 26, 7 00 24 PM

FlipBelt’s best feature is that you can insert your items into the belt via several different slit-type openings, and then flip the whole thing over so your items are “locked” into place, with no openings to slip out. In my experience, the FlipBelt does what it advertises.

I have run with my phone, keys, and chapstick in the belt, and felt the items were very secure.  They did not slip around, never came out, and the belt had a very low profile.  With my shirt pulled down, you cannot even see the belt.  I like that the belt doesn’t stick out or add bulk.  It was very comfortable to wear.  There is a small LEVEL reflective logo on the front, but when flipped over and “locked,” the logo is hidden.  The belt does not hinder my running, and is actually easy to forget you are wearing it.  It is that comfortable.

I feel that over time, my FlipBelt has stretched out some, and tends to slip up toward my waist, though I prefer to wear it down on my hips.  This is my biggest complaint, though it is not enough for me to not use the product.  FlipBelt is machine washable, and is made of non-chafing spandex/lycra.  I have only washed my belt once.  After about 6 months of wear, the belt is still in great shape, no tearing or fading.

Photo Apr 26, 7 12 28 PM

SPIbelt retails at SPIbelt’s website for $19.99.  There are over 20 color options, and even patterned belts, such as camo, red white and blue, or polka dotted.  The belt is “one size fits most,” with an expandable stretchy strap. The belt features an expandable pocket, in which your phone, chapstick, ID, fuel, etc. can fit.  I chose the belt with 2 pockets, because I like to have my phone separate from my keys if possible.

Photo Apr 26, 7 01 07 PM

My favorite part of SPIbelt is that the size can be adjusted to fit tighter.  I chose the belt with 2 pockets (retails for $29.99 on SPIbelt’s website), and after using it a handful of times, couldn’t be happier.  My phone fits nicely in the large pocket.  I put my chapstick and keys in the smaller pocket.  There is room for gels or fuels.

The SPIbelt is hand-washable, though I have not yet washed it.  If the belt begins slipping up (which it has not in the few times I have used it), I can re-adjust it easily.  The profile is also very low, like the FlipBelt.  If I have my shirt over it, it is difficult to tell I have the belt on.

SPIbelt has several options, with dog leashes, arm bands, single and double pockets, and even extra large pockets for medical equipment.  I have not tested the arm bands, and have not liked the arm bands I have used in the past, I prefer the belt, and like that this belt does not ride up.  This belt, too, is easy to forget you have it on, it is very comfortable.

Photo Apr 26, 7 13 47 PM

The FlipBelt may have more room for your items, as there are openings around the entire belt.  However, for the items I carry, which is typically my phone, chapstick and keys, I believe the SPIbelt has plenty of room for me, in a low-profile, easy to use product.

I also like that the SPIbelt has several options, such as single or double pockets, many colors, reflective additions, and different sized pockets, and also is fully size-adjustable.

I anticipate this the SPIbelt will be my go-to belt for running, as I can easily adjust the belt to keep it at my hips, instead of my waist, where I prefer to wear it.  My items stay secure in both belts, and comfort is key in both.  In both belts, I put my phone in a snack size baggie to keep it dry, from sweat or rain.  Each belt also offers a protective plastic encasing for your phone or other items.  The plastic is extra, and does cost more.  I did not purchase the plastic bag for either.

I would gladly recommend either belt to any runner, but if you want your belt tight and non-moving, the SPIbelt may be the better fit, at least for me.

Winner: SPIbelt.  The SPIbelt just has everything I need in a running belt.

UPDATE 03 09 15: I have also reviewed The Running Buddy Pouch, and would love for you to read about my experience here!

It was very windy outside while I made James take pictures for me.  He may or may not have gotten this look a few times while I was trying to keep the hair out of my face and put my belts on.  Thank you, James, for taking pictures!

Photo Apr 26, 7 13 01 PM

Do you use a running belt?

Which belt do you use, or how do you carry your needed items while running?

20 thoughts on “SPIbelt and FlipBelt Review

  1. I haven’t tried a running belt yet. I too hate when things inch up around my waste. The dog leash attachment sparked my interest too! Thanks for the suggestions!

    • I am interested in the dog leash too! My dog (my moms dog) is never on a leash when she runs with us. Someday when I have a dog of my own, I hope to take her running, and love the idea of storing ID, poop bags, treats, etc. Let me know if you get one, and how it works for you!

      I will be checking your blog out!

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  4. What type of phone are you using? Just wondering if my LARGE galaxy Note 4 will fit in either of these belts.

    • I use an iPhone 5s. You would have to check the sites for specific measurements. I know the SPIbelt stretches quite a bit, and the FlipBelt is pretty wide. The Q/A sections on each site should have answers for you! Good luck!

    • I will also be reviewing the Running Buddy magnetic pocket system. I will try to get that review up this afternoon. The large version will fit phones as large (and possibly larger) as an iPhone 6 plus.

    • I run with the SPI Belt and put my Galaxy S3 inside and it fits just fine. The SPI Belt is very stretchy so I think the Note 4 will fit.

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  6. Your review has been so helpful and has confused me even more!! LOL I have a hydration belt that I wear that I noticed slips a lot when I wear silkier shorts/skirts verses more cotton feeling bottoms. Drives me crazy and I end up ditching it. Have you noticed this with either of the 2 belts?? I plan to run 100 mile race in August and I want to streamline what I’m carrying since I have access to aid stations and drop bags. Thanks!!

  7. Oh no! I don’t want it to confuse you more!! It’s hard to find a belt or a pouch that is just the right fit. I found the FlipBelt slipped and slide around more, because there is no way to tighten it. My SPIbelt was easy to tighten up and keep down on my hips where I like it. I recently was introduced to the Running Buddy Pouch, which is not a belt at all, it is a pouch that hooks to your pants with super strong magnets. Read my review here: https://mybravewings.com/2015/03/09/running-buddy-review/ I HATE having stuff move around, and with the Buddy Pouch, I never have to re-adjust or pull up/down, it’s always right where I need it! Good luck with you training for the 100 miler!!

  8. hello!! Great review!! I was curious, I like to run with wired headphones. Are u able to use the Fitbelt/Spibelt and wired headphones or do u need to use Bluetooth headphones only?

    Thanks for any input you might have keep up the healthy lifestyle!!!


    • With the flip belt, you can just run it out of the slits in the belt. The SPI belt you would have to leave it partially unzipped to allow for the headphone cord. Both are able to accommodate the headphone cords though!

  9. Hi. Thank you. Your review was very helpful. I want a belt with no bouncing of the phone so these look like great options but… What do you do about water? If I want one of these belts and don’t want to hold my water in a handheld water bottle holder am I looking at wearing two (!) belts? Thanks in advice for your thoughts

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