Wordless Wednesday

Good evening! I’ve been taking so many beautiful flower pictures lately.  Spring is the most gorgeous time of year, so many vibrant colors and amazing blooms.

Photo Apr 08, 7 07 59 PM

Photo Mar 30, 9 05 06 AM

Photo Apr 08, 7 06 55 PM

Photo Apr 20, 7 21 25 PM

I saw this photo on Earth Day, and it is never more applicable than now.  This is our only earth, lets take care of it!

Photo Apr 22, 2 28 33 PM

I discovered Bubble Tea several months ago.  It is my new favorite guilty pleasure!  And Jasmine, the woman who owns the Bubble Tea Cafe in my town, is just the sweetest lady ever!

Photo Mar 25, 3 32 07 PM

My hubby and I celebrated Easter with his family and then with my parents.  It was a nice, relaxing weekend, with gorgeous weather!

Photo Apr 20, 7 18 49 PM

I did intervals tonight… 400m repeats on the track.  There were 30 mile an hour wind gusts.  Not fun.  Not fun at all.  Glad it’s over though!

Photo Apr 23, 6 45 04 PM

Happy Wednesday, I hope everyone is having a good week!

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