Welcome to mybravewings.com!

I’m Renee, wife, runner, cat owner… a passionate person!

I hope to be using this blog to record my journey through life.  I started running 2 years ago, and look forward to sharing my experiences and gaining new ones.  I am also recently married, and someday will be starting a family.  I sincerely hope I will still be writing and sharing when that happens, and can chronicle it all!

In the Running section I will talk about all things running, the chafing, the blisters, the euphoria!  The Ramblings section will be for all other stuff, my life, movies I’ve seen, trips I’ve taken…  My favorite things (including my favorite running gear) can be found on Raves, and you can find out a little about me and how to contact me on the Renee page.

With Brave Wings She Runs,