MM: March 20

This Kansas weather has been all over the place!  Yesterday it was 87 degrees, but earlier in the week it was 20! Insane.

Last week Monday, I went to cycle class. and had a great hard workout.  After not going to class regularly for a few months, it feels good to get back in the saddle once a week or so.

Photo Mar 13, 6 31 35 PM

Tuesday, like I said, it was chilly!  I whined enough to make Chris join me on an outdoor run because the sun is finally out later, and it turned out to be a pretty nice run, even though it was cold.

Photo Mar 14, 6 32 56 PM

Wednesday night was chilly too, but Amy and I had a great 5 mile run; the sun being out later helps those evening runs SO MUCH!   We had a nice run and got caught up on life happenings.

Photo Mar 15, 6 56 18 PM

Saturday morning, we headed out for 10 miles on the trails.  From the very first mile, I knew it was a rough run. The first 5 went great, but I was severely lacking energy, and knew the 5 after the turnaround would be hard.  I made a huge mistake of stopping at the halfway mark to take a gu and try to talk myself up a bit.  Stopping made it so very much harder to get going. I had nothing in the tank.  I ended up walking quite a bit on the way back. Chris powered through and got 10 miles, and I finished with 9.

I was pretty bummed about it, because Chris was feeling good and I was feeling like I was holding him back, but I know hard runs just happen sometimes.  He really helped me push through to finish.  I have to remember that in January and February, I ran about 55 miles each month.  With Saturday’s long run, I have just over 50 miles for March alone. Plus I’m still rehabbing my ankle a bit, so the fact that this run was especially hard shouldn’t have come as a big surprise.

Photo Mar 18, 11 59 51 AM

After the run, we went to Longboards for their amazing Cabo Beef Wraps.  Mmmmmmm!

Photo Mar 18, 1 12 14 PM

Sunday was a lot of fun! We planned to go to Shawnee Mission Park to walk/hike more of the trail we found a few weeks back.  We headed out for 6 miles, and somehow took a slightly different way back than we went out, but it was absolutely gorgeous out. There were so many people and dogs out, the weather was perfect, even a bit warm!  We finished with 6 miles and definitely want to go back out again soon.

Photo Mar 19, 5 11 46 PM

Photo Mar 19, 1 07 27 PM

Did you get a chance to enjoy spring over the weekend?

MM: March 13

Monday again! Last Monday night we had crazy storms.  But then the weather got pretty nice through the week, before getting cold and crappy and snowy again over the weekend.  The fountains were turned on at work during the week, so that was fun to watch, and then as  I walked to the other building, I had to stop and take a picture.

Photo Mar 08, 12 13 10 PM

Thursday night, Chris and I ran to see the fountains; the air was starting to get cooler, but we were glad to get one of our last runs at dusk done, YAY TIME CHANGE!

Photo Mar 09, 6 30 47 PM

Saturday, Chris and I ran on the treadmill since it was snowing. Jasper was sure to help me stretch and roll out my calf after running.  I got my new hypersphere massage ball, it vibrates, and is awesome. I’ll write a review soon!

Photo Mar 11, 12 57 42 PM

Saturday, I finally got my hair cut and colored.  It had been wayyyy too long.  It was snowing outside during my hair appointment, and it was nice to watch it snow globing while I was nice and toasty inside.

Photo Mar 11, 1 17 42 PM

Sunday, Chris and I met up with Carmen and Adam! We had lunch, and then went to the shooting range, hoping to shoot the bows, but unfortunately they had closed that section a couple months ago. We rented a couple lanes and shot a glock and a revolver for a while. It was a lot of fun!

Photo Mar 12, 3 39 46 PM

This week, I’m really excited to run in the evenings without having to worry so much about it getting dark so quick.   Have a great week!

Running and Other Things

I’ve spent much of my running career, if you will, comparing and contrasting myself to others.  Am I running fast enough? Am I running enough miles?  Am I signed up for enough races?  Why doesn’t my running form look like hers?  Why do I sweat more than them?  The questions and insecurities continued and continued, until they stopped…

It’s not that I have felt burnt out, per se, but I’ve either felt like I’m not doing enough, or not doing the right things, and I have been feeling stuck.  Over the first couple months so far of this year, I’ve done a lot of reflecting and thinking about my expectations of myself and my running, and have realized some things, and I feel like I need to get them out on the interwebs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love running, and don’t want to stop anytime soon.  Like, not ANYtime soon.  I want to still be running in my 60s. I want to be able to for years and years.  But I also like doing other things. I really like the cycle class I’ve been going to. I really like riding my bike, taking walks, lifting weights… I know everyone has the same 24 hours in the day, and some people can workout for hours each day, but I’m not that person. I can, and want to continue, to work out daily, or 6 days each week, but I don’t think all of those days can be running days.

My knee often doesn’t like running, and will tell about it for days after.  I’ve been running consistently 4-5-6 days per week for 5 years now; 5 years!  Over these last few months though, I’ve been taking more days off, and sure, some of that is adjusting to engaged life, adjusting to living with Chris, adjusting to more work at work, adjusting to wedding planning, and being sick for a couple weeks, or spraining my ankle… but some of it was also that I didn’t FEEL like running that day.

I’ve struggled with this, because I’m supposed to run.  But why?  Why can’t I be satisfied and fulfilled with being active? Running and being active?  I most definitely still want to be a runner, at my core. But I’m happy right now, NOT running a full 5-6 days each week.  I plan to go with my gut on this, and branch out and not push myself to run all the time if I don’t feel it.  I think it will make my runs more meaningful, my miles more fulfilling.

Photo Mar 10, 7 52 01 PM

I have 5 races planned for this year, and will probably add a couple 5k’s here or there.  But this is going to be the first year since I started running that I have less than 10 races on my schedule.  And I’m really excited for fewer races, and for my first full marathon this fall!

My knee is doing much better than it was doing last year, or even last month, and I’m continuing to make it stronger, and adding in other activities along with running, and not running so many miles will do nothing but help my knee.

This is a lot of rambling, but I felt like I wanted to get my thoughts out. I’m really excited to run, to bike, to hike, to walk, to lift, to see where my strong and awesome body will take me, without putting irrational stresses and expectations on myself for no reason except to live up to others’ dreams and expectations and goals.

Always with my brave wings, Renee  =)