Thursday Thoughts: September 18

Last weekend, I ran the Plaza 10k, and had a 31 second PR! Read my race recap here!  I’m also still doing the September Run Streak, and have ran 18 days in a row! Before this month, 5 or 6 days in a row was the most I’ve ran… it has been really fun doing a run streak.  I’d seen others do run streaks before, and they never really appealed to me, because I love my rest days!  Now that I’ve run nearly 3 weeks in a row, it has opened my eyes to a new challenge, and I’ve enjoyed it!  A running club in KC tweeted this to me, and it made me smile the other day.

Photo Sep 16, 7 29 17 PM
James and I ordered a new print to hang above our fire place.  It came this week, and I LOVE IT.  It is gorgeous… and the different lighting throughout the day and evening makes different parts stand out.  I feel like such an adult, ordering art and hanging it above the fire place.  Who would have guessed, art over the fire place.

Photo Sep 16, 7 31 31 PM

Photo Sep 16, 7 38 32 PM

Jasper has taken over the box that the painting came in.  James tore the edges and set it on end, like a tent.  He’s a happy kitty.  There are a few toys in there.  We’ll have to keep the box forever.

Photo Sep 16, 6 36 30 PM

Mom and Dad are visiting this weekend, and we’ll see the Royals play Detroit on Saturday.  Grandpa was supposed to come too, but he’s dealing with some medical issues and is staying home to stay healthy and get stronger.  I’m sad he won’t be able to visit, but we are going home next month and will get to see more family then.  I’m really excited to see my parents, it’s been over a month since I have seen them, by far the longest I’ve ever gone without a hug from my mom!

I’m going to the KCRC Groupies run tonight, and should be able to bring Mom along for the Sunday Runday Groupie Run, which I think will be awesome!! I find myself looking forward to Thursday nights, for Groupie runs and to post my weekly Thursday Thoughts!

The countdown begins… 1 month until the Kansas City Marathon 1/2 Marathon! Eeeekk!  I have thought about going into the half with a run/walk strategy, but after PRing my 10k I kind of want to see how far I can run and if I can PR the half also… But part of me (the realist part of me) knows a PR is all but out of reach with the running shape I am in, and if I run/walk it will be a much more enjoyable race. I guess I have a month to decide, and a month to see where I can get my fitness.


Are you running a fall race? What is your best distance?

Review of Charity Miles

I’ve been using the Charity Miles app for over 2 years, and recently I’ve had several people ask me about the app, and how it works.

Please note, I am not being paid for this review, I use the app daily to help raise money for charities that I select, and am reviewing the app to raise awareness and to encourage others to use the app as well. The opinions in this review are my own.
How do I use the app? To begin, download the app on your phone (currently available on Apple and Android phones), open the app, select a charity, and start moving! Once you’re finished with your run, walk, or bike, simply complete the activity and post to social media to help spread the word.
How far do I have to walk, bike, or run? The smallest distance the app recognizes is .1 mile, so even if you only walk a short distance, you can still help and have sponsors donate money. As far as I know, there is no limit to the maximum distance. I have heard of people running ultra marathons while also using Charity Miles.

Does it cost money to join? Does it cost money to run, walk, or bike for charity? This app is free! You do not have to spend any money to donate to charity, the corporate sponsors donate to the charity of your choice, based on the distance you walk, run, or bike! The fact that I did not have to spend money, and I could still do good and have donations made to my charities was a HUGE benefit for me, I am still doing good, raising awareness, and raising money for charity!

How do I post to social media? Currently the app allows you to post your run, walk, or bike to Facebook and/or Twitter. The purpose of posting is to get the word about Charity Miles out to friends and family, and to prompt others to download and use the app. You do have the option of completing your activity and still getting the sponsorship without posting to Facebook or Twitter. Charity Miles will never post to social media without your approval.

Which Charities can I raise money for? There are currently 30 charities listed (including ASPCA, Wounded Warrior Project, RED, Pencils for Promise, Every Mother Counts, Autism Speaks, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Special Olympics, Girl Up, and many more). You can definitely find a charity that you would like to support. They are adding charities all the time too. You may choose one each time you begin an activity. You do not have to run, walk, or bike for the same charity every time, you can switch them up. I often run for 4-5 different charities throughout the week.

Can I view my history? You are able to view your history, and see the date of the activity, the distance, the time of the activity, and what your activity did for charity. Remember, for biking, you raise $0.10 per mile, and for running and walking, you raise $0.25 per mile.
Can I use the app indoors or on a treadmill? Yes! There was an update a while back that allows you to use the app inside! You can select if you are walking, running, biking, indoor walking, or indoor running. There is currently not a way to track indoor biking.
Is there a way to participate with my friends, family, or coworkers? Yes! Charity Miles allows you to join one or more “teams,” which allows your team to track miles together. There is no additional money given to charity, but it is a great way to see how your friends are doings, or to have a friendly competition and challenge your friends, family, or coworkers to do more!

If you want more information about Charity Miles, please visit their website, or find them on Twitter or Facebook.

I strongly encourage you to try the app, you’ve truly got nothing to lose, and can do good by using it! Good luck!

Plaza 10k Race Recap

This morning, I ran the Plaza 10k.  It was by far the largest race I’ve ever ran, with over 3000 of my closest friends running with me!  Kidding aside, it was a gorgeous morning, and the race was put on splendidly.

Saturday night I set out all my running gear for the race.  I got my KCRC Groupies shirt this weekend, and was excited to break it out for the run!  Since it was chilly, I also had my arm sleeves, and took gloves along, but didn’t need end up needing them.

Photo Sep 13, 1 01 49 PM

I decided to run this race for my Grandpa, who is having some medical problems and is fighting hard.  Every time I looked at my watch, his name was there, and I thought of him often during the race.

Photo Sep 14, 7 10 25 AM

I got to the race about 35 minutes before the start, and had a chance to use the bathroom and warm up a bit before the race started.

The race itself was awesome, there were a lot of spectators, and there were tons of runners, I was never more than a few feet away from other runners, like in smaller races from back home.  Since I don’t listen to music while I run, I got to overhear several fun conversations, and even had a chance to talk to a few people.  There was also the KC High Five Station, which I had the opportunity to see and High Five at the station during the Four on the 4th.  They were so energetic, and totally made me power through the rest of the race.

Photo Sep 14, 7 15 35 AM

I had to walk about a quarter mile, and I wish I would have been able to run it all, but I’m okay with how I did, I feel like I gave my best effort.  I PR’d by 31 seconds, and now have a new time to beat!!  This was my 3rd 10k, and I find I really like the distance, I feel it’s much more of a challenge than a 5k, but isn’t as daunting as the half marathon distance, for me.

The finish line was amazing, there were people lining the chute for several hundred yards, which made it more spectacular.  At the finish line, I got an awesome medal, and got a chocolate milk, a water, a banana, and a protein bite.  Talk about being spoiled! I hung out for a bit at the finish, and watched the kids sprint, then headed home.


Photo Sep 14, 9 15 06 AM

Overall, I had a great time at the race, and couldn’t have asked for a better venue, a better run race, better spectators, or a better experience!  Thanks KC Running Company!

After the race, I took a shower, got some kitty snuggles, and took a nap.  With the #SeptemberRunStreak and the race this morning, I had my first 20+ mile week since this spring.  Just about a month to go until the KC Marathon Half Marathon!

Photo Sep 14, 11 41 29 AM

Did you race this weekend? Did you run this weekend? Do PR’s make you excited as they make me!?